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RACS Surgical Education and Training Program (SET)

Dr Jonathon Parkinson is the SERT Institute Academic lead in postgraduate research and education.

The Royal North Shore Hospital provides post-graduate training through the Royal Australian College of Surgeons in all the major adult surgical subspecialties. These SET programs include:

For junior doctors wishing to enter these training programs, the RACS provides a framework (JDocs) that describes the many tasks, skills and behaviours that should be achieved by doctors in their early postgraduate years.

Medical students or junior doctors seeking further information about a career in surgery should feel free to contact the Royal Australian College of Surgeons supervisor or academic lead for the individual specialities. These details can be found on the pages of the individual surgical departments on the SERT site.

The Sydney University Surgical Society website which contains information relevant to medical students wishing to pursue a career in surgery.