Research Guides

  1. Introduction
  2. How To Get Involved in Research
  3. Starting and running a research project
    1. Designing research projects
    2. Framing a really good research question
    3. Writing a short research proposal
    4. Reviewing progress of a research project
    5. Choosing a research supervisor
    6. Human research ethics principles – a brief introduction
  4. Statistical issues in research
    1. Statistical analysis of data – a random sample of thoughts
    2. Power calculations and why they are needed
    3. Systematic Reviews – A Short General Introduction
    4. Regression to the mean – a bewildering effect of random variation.
    5. Making multiple comparisons and ANOVA testing
  5. Research gone bad
    1. Research integrity
    2. Narratives : necessary but dangerous
    3. Psychological biases in scientific research
    4. The replication crisis in medical research
    5. Survivorship bias
    6. Parkinson’s Laws and related project planning pitfalls for researchers
  6. Presentations at conferences
    1. Poster presentations
    2. Conference oral presentations
    3. Giving presentations and lectures – general considerations
    4. Preparing slides for an oral presentation
  7. Publishing manuscripts
    1. Writing skills for manuscripts
    2. Manuscript publication and authorships
    3. How to collaborate on writing manuscripts
    4. Producing the first draft of a research manuscript
    5. Manuscript citations
    6. Writing manuscripts abstracts – one of the hardest writing skills
    7. Writing a manuscript introduction
    8. Writing the Discussion section of a manuscript
    9. Performing a journal peer review
    10. Responding effectively to a manuscript peer review