Zoom is not specifically supported by Northern Sydney local health district. As such it should not be used for highly confidential material including patient identifiable information. An alternative is Skype for Business [See Link]. For educational purposes, it is widely used.

University of Sydney

Zoom is particularly suited for educational sessions and is widely used at the University of Sydney. Members of the university staff including affiliates are able to take advantage of the University’s enterprise-level license. This allows for Zoom meetings of greater than 40 minutes to be organised. Information is available at the following URL http://uni-sydney.zoom.us. When logging in through the Zoom app, click on the SSO login. You will then need to log in with your Unikey credentials —  usually, [email protected] followed by you Unikey password.

Free/Basic Zoom License

Zoom provides a free licence which allows for group meetings of up to 100 participants’ lasting up to 40 minutes. Signup at the following URL https://zoom.us. For many purposes this is sufficient.

Purchasing a Commercial License

This can be purchased at https://zoom.us/pricing