NSLHD REDCap training sessions

Following the introductory session conducted on 10/3/21 (recording available on the training page https://redcap.link/nslhdsupport). A more advanced REDCap training session will be conducted on 31/3/21 @10:30am-11:30am via Zoom.

The basics covered in the introductory session will be assumed knowledge for this session. Similar to the introductory session, I will endeavour to record the session. To register for this session, please complete the following survey: https://rnsapmredcap.nslhd.health.nsw.gov.au/redcap/surveys/?s=8RNM37TAHA.

Following the requests put forward in the workshops survey, this first session will focus on two key areas: surveys and utilising projects with longitudinal designs or repeating instruments.

In exploring surveys (ie. what are surveys, how to enable surveys and different methods of distributing surveys), the piping feature (https://rnsapmredcap.nslhd.health.nsw.gov.au/redcap/redcap_v10.8.0/DataEntry/piping_explanation.php) will be touched on as well as the data importing capabilities via excel files.

For more information contact:
Kenneth Vuong 
Email: [email protected]
NSLHD REDCap Administrator